Alumni: Alluri Institute of Management Sciences, Warangal

It is the quality of companies which comes to campus and the kind of profiles that students get, matter the most in the long run. We have attempted to capture both the details based on publicly available profiles of B-Schools alumni in LinkedIn- the popular social media site for professionals.

In this page, we have tried to present the alumni profile of Alluri Institute of Management Sciences, Warangal. For each institutions we have examined where the alumni live, what have they have studied, which company they work for and what kind of profiles they enjoy. Here’s a look.

  • The alumni data is based on the profiles at Linkedin.
  • The data is representative and by no means complete or comprehensive. In our opinion, the latest the data period, the more accurate is the representation.
  • The data carries with it all the limitations that are intrinsic to creation, updation and maintenance of profile information by the members.