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Department of Management Studies (DoMS) is the business school under IIT Madras. The institute is located in Chennai.The institute was set up in 2004 even though IIT Madras started MBA course in 2001. The major facilities are central library, computer lab, hostel facilities, medical assistance, banking facilities, canteen, transportation facilities etc. The major recruiters are Citibank, Deloitte, Dell, Infosys, CavinKare etc. The faculty and students of the institute undertake various research publications like design and development of a generic framework for Agro-Food Supply Chain, financing of entrepreneurial and SME companies in energy, environment, and technology sectors in India etc.


College Ranking

AAAA+ 2015- State Rank
N/A2015- National Rank
380.89 2015- Overall Score
6 2015- Overall Rank

Important Dates for Admissions

Qualifying Exam : CAT
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Online : 06/08/2015 - 25/09/2015 11:59pm
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Exam Date
Online - Objective 29/11/2015
Qualifying Exam : GMAT India
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Online :
Exam Date
Online - Objective and Subjective

Courses Offered

Business Administration1 Course
Full time
2 years
4.25 lakhs

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